Improved shading solutions |4 things to consider when hiring a wedding tarpaulin

19 July 2016
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It's always great when two people fall in love and come together in holy matrimony. The best part of it all is at the reception after the church service where families and friends come together to share meals and drinks over some cool music. With such an audience, the shading for an outdoor reception needs to be perfect. So, if you are in charge of hiring the tarp or marquee, below are a few things you should consider before making the best choice.

Reception style

The style of your reception is critical in determining the type of shading you are going to use. Using traditional tarpaulins that require nailing is not recommendable for courtyard receptions, since nailing will definitely damage the surface. Instead, you could opt for stand-alone frame ones.

Is there anything you want to accentuate? There are designer tarps that offer central openings for extra lighting towards a centrally placed object. You could get these for sculptures or any other special features you would like to highlight.


Where will your tarpaulin be used? It's important to know the location of the reception as this will determine the size and number of tarps you'll require. So, check the amount of space available and confirm whether or not the covering you are getting will actually fit. You can have a site survey done for you by a professional for more accuracy. Also, look out for any underlying and overhead electrical cables. They could pose a threat in case of an electrical hazard and ruin the entire event. Where there are shrubs or trees, go for sizeable tarps that will fit in between rather than a single one to incorporate them all.


Thanks to innovation, traditional open-sided tarps are slowly being replaced with more creative and customizable ones. You should go for a design that brings out the best from your environment while complementing your interior at the same time. For instance, if you'll be having a beach reception, the tarpaulin should have the widest view of the beach and also shield you from the sandy sea breeze. In such a case, an enclosed tarp with transparent windows would be best.

Your team

Remember, you are not only accommodating wedding guests, but also entertainers, caterers, and other wedding planners as well. Simply put, choose a tarpaulin everyone can use. Perhaps the DJ may want use overhead hanging speakers, or the florists would want to use hanging baskets. So, consult with other interested parties before hiring your tarp.

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