Why Have a Glass Splashback?

6 March 2019
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In a home, the kitchen is very important because it is where you need to prepare food. You can have an apartment that does not have a bedroom but you should always have a kitchen. Of course, you also need to decorate your kitchen and want it to look beautiful. The kitchen is very functional and many kitchens have a glass splashback, which is behind the kitchen counter. The reasons why people put glass splashbacks in the kitchen will be discussed here. Read More 

Is Your Home at Risk of Flooding From an Unexpected Source?

7 February 2019
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Did you know that a fairly simple valve can sit in between your dry, comfortable home and a major flooding disaster? Most Australians are unaware of this valve but should certainly make sure that it's in good condition, especially before the rainy season takes up residence. Where is this valve and what do you need to do in order to keep an eye on it? Stormy Times Ahead Australia is well-known for its wild weather, and in the course of just an " Read More 

Should a Home Seller Consider Getting a Building Inspections Report?

11 January 2019
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When some individuals think of building inspections, they tend to assume that they are only beneficial to the buyer. As such, you will find some home sellers will forego this procedure until a buyer requests it and pays for it on their own. Although building inspections are crucial before purchasing a home, they can also be quite beneficial to the sellers too. Once the property is inspected, you will receive a certification that will state the condition of your home. Read More 

Three reasons to call the land surveyors

8 September 2018
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Most people are aware that land surveyors are used to measure the extent of property or land, but what many people do not realise is the range of circumstances under which they could benefit from working with land surveyors. Here are some of the most common times when you should call in land surveyors to take a look at your property. Creating a subdivision If you are breaking up a piece of property for sale in smaller sections, then carrying out a proper survey is essential. Read More 

If You’re a First-Time Property Developer, You Need a Town Planner in Your Team

8 September 2018
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Property development can be a profitable business if you're able to get into it. If you're new to the development game and looking to make your first project a success, you've probably realised that the profit you make can be significantly diluted if you get too much help and hire too many contractors. Yet the profits can also decline when your project takes longer than it should. Because of this last point, there's one person you should definitely hire to help with your first property development project — a town planner. Read More