Is It A Good Idea To Upgrade Your Home's Foundation?

13 December 2022
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Did you know that in the past, engineers may have added wooden stumps beneath the slab of your home to give the property more stability? This seems an unusual choice in a country where termites are everywhere and might see such additions as a hearty meal instead. Yet, modern contractors will typically use a different approach and even install adjustable support structures. Should you think about adding this type of support to your current property, and what are the benefits?

Wood For Steel

Certainly, wooden stumps are able to survive the test of time so long as they are installed correctly and treated. Yet there's always a risk of deterioration, and even if those stumps are still serviceable, an adjustable option may be better.

Adjustable stumps are made from galvanised steel and are likely to last a considerable amount of time. They are not that hard to install in place of existing stumps, and the work is not as disruptive as you might imagine.

Fine Tune Your Stability

One of the big benefits of adjustable steel stumps is the fact that they can be fine-tuned. So, it can be raised or lowered as an individual stump or as a group to take into account any changes that may be needed in the future.

For example, if the soil beneath your home shifts due to fluctuating water levels, this could cause a slight sag. You may notice cracks in interior walls or find it harder to open or close a door or window. This should not be too much of a problem if you have adjustable steel stumps installed, as an engineer can come out and make a final adjustment to level everything once again.

Add Potential Property Value

Don't forget that this type of support structure can add inherent value to your home. So if you are thinking of selling the property at some stage in the future, you should tell a prospective buyer that you have adjustable and galvanised steel stumps below. They may not need to worry about associated issues in the future, and you will have made a smart decision all around.

View Your Options

If you want to consider your options and take a closer look at what you have currently installed, get in touch with an experienced contractor. They'll perform certain tests to identify the condition of your current setup and advise about replacement or upgrade accordingly.