4 Solid Reasons to Hire Land Surveyors

26 April 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

You've likely come across some people on a piece of property or land with gadgets erected on tripod stands, taking measurements. These experts are land surveyors, and their role in the construction industry is unparalleled. Whether you're involved directly or indirectly in a construction project, you might soon need professional land surveying services. This post discusses the significance of land surveyors, reasons to hire one and what to look for when finding a land surveying professional. 

You Need a Surveyor When Buying Land

The initial and most crucial step when purchasing a property is to conduct a land survey. Most financial lending institutions will need you to show them a survey report before authorising funding. That's because surveys determine the legal boundaries of a land. Besides, surveys help identify any possible issues with the property and permit civil engineers to create an appropriate construction or development plan. 

You Plan to Construct a New Home

Whichever the size of the property or home you're planning to build, your project shouldn't commence without having an expert conduct a comprehensive land survey. While lending institutions might demand a property survey before authorising funds, you might require a survey for legal purposes, depending on your site's location. Furthermore, even if none of these scenarios applies, you must furnish your construction teams, including architects and civil engineers, with the survey report for a practical construction plan of the property. 

You Plan to Extend Your Home

You'll need to hire a land surveyor is if you plan to extend your current home. Apart from guaranteeing that the home extension will be structurally feasible, surveys are the only approach to acquiring construction permits from your local building council.

There Is a Dispute Regarding Boundaries 

Boundary disputes are a common occurrence between neighbouring property owners. From simple disputes like the construction of a fence between properties to more advanced conflicts like property encroachments, a land survey can help resolve the matter. Therefore, before rushing to a court of law, enlist a land surveyor to determine where property lines fall. However, always hire a professional and experienced surveyor. 

Final Thoughts 

Land surveyors play a critical role in the construction industry. The four reasons discussed above will determine whether you need to hire a land surveyor for your property. Whether you need general land surveying services, development planning or consultation services before proceeding with your project, work with licensed land surveyors to avoid costly mistakes.