Why You Should Opt for Structural Steel Frames Over Other Conventional Materials

3 January 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Materials such as timber and concrete are commonly used in construction projects across Australia and beyond. However, structural steel has evolved as a choice material due to its superior qualities over its conventional peers. Structural steel frames can be used in any construction project, whether you are building commercial, industrial or residential structures. Consider these three reasons why structural steel frames should be your go-to material for your upcoming construction project.

Higher Fabrication Versatility and Numerous Size Options

You can design or mould steel into any preferred shape or size. For this reason, structural steel frames are ideal for implementing various requirements to satisfy your artistic goals. You will be able to achieve a reliably sound, durable and resilient structure with structural steel frames. Additionally, you can customise different layout sections to withstand various weights. Your structural engineer can make adjustments and alterations to the steel frames without endangering the building's integrity. 

Steel Is a Budget-friendly Construction Option

Significant cost-saving advantages of steel come from minimum labour required and reduced construction period. But structural steel also has considerable budget-saving benefits. For example, steel is a reusable material that can be recycled into valuable products. Additionally, it's highly durable and requires less maintenance, unlike timber or concrete, which require constant maintenance to last. 

Structural steel frames can also withstand natural forces, including winds, rainfall, fire and pests. Insurance firms are more willing to offer lower premiums on covers underwritten for a structural steel building. The use of structural steel speeds up the construction process, which, in turn, translates to lower operational costs.

Future-Proofs Your Investment

Structural steel frames are considerably adaptable. For instance, you can expand them in any direction you wish. Since they can withstand greater weights, they can support extra loads when adding new storeys. However, using structural steel frames means lighter buildings, which are less heavy than those built with concrete or timber. As a result, their foundations suffer reduced stress when adding additional floors. 

Apart from increasing your structure's size, you can effortlessly redesign the building's interior when it's made with structural steel frames. Besides, you can redesign your building's interior space to any extend since steel frames don't add obstructive columns. You can then use lighter, more affordable materials to partition the interior space. 

These are the three top benefits of using structural steel frames for your construction project. Find a reputable vendor and structural engineer who can assist you build your dream steel structure.