Three Essential Tasks for Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan

11 November 2021
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The proper maintenance of your air conditioner will help minimise the risk of malfunctions and failure. Also, the long-term costs of repairing the system will decrease during the service life of the appliance. Additionally, a well-maintained AC is more energy-efficient, so the costs associated with cooling your indoor space will decrease. Therefore, you should establish a plan for maintenance for your air conditioner. Under normal circumstances, all upkeep work should be conducted by qualified HVAC contractors. However, if you are experienced in similar systems, you can plan for in-house care. Regardless of your choice, here are some crucial tasks to remember for your AC maintenance plan.

Replace the Filters

The most basic task in air conditioner maintenance is replacing the air filters. These units are essential for eliminating pollutants before the cooled air circulates in the interior space. If you do not replace the filters, they will eventually become blocked or backed up due to dirt build-up. This problem will not only compromise the quality of the circulating air, it will also cause AC system strain because of the difficulty of smooth airflow through the filter. As a result, the appliance could deteriorate and even break down. Therefore, you should change filters regularly to ensure ideal performance. Consult your HVAC contractor for guidance on the frequency of filter replacement.

Check the Refrigerant

The refrigerant is responsible for keeping the circulating air in your indoor space cool. If the levels decline, the cooling effect will be compromised. You might find that the air flowing from the system is not at the desired temperature. Keep in mind that without enough coolant fluid, the internal components of the AC will also experience operational stress. You can prevent these issues by checking the refrigerant quantity in your appliance. Ensure that the levels are as recommended for your air conditioner. If not, consult your HVAC specialist for recharge and for help troubleshooting leaks.

Assess the Insulation

The quality of insulation will influence the performance of your air conditioner. Therefore, you should ensure that this aspect is taken into account during maintenance. This consideration is of particular importance when dealing with ducted systems. If the insulation is unreliable, the air flowing through the channels will gain heat. Consequently, the cooling effect will decline, and the AC will become more energy inefficient. Check the condition of the insulation during maintenance and take note of compromised sections. Conduct immediate repairs to limit heat exchange and subsequent inefficiencies. 

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