Two Myths About Rental Excavators

20 September 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Here are two myths about rental excavators that can deter people from utilising excavator hire services.

They're only used on building sites

The biggest myth about rental excavators is that they're only useful for those who are carrying out construction work on building sites. Whilst excavators are routinely used on building sites, these are not the only places in which they can prove useful.

For example, many homeowners hire excavators when clearing their large, overgrown gardens, as they can use this machinery to pick up the hefty quantities of tall grass, weeds and shrubs they've cut down and transfer them to their refuse bins. Rental excavators can also come in handy when people are sprucing up their gardens and want to do some landscape grading or when they wish to dig up a part of their garden to make a pond.

Additionally, people sometimes rent excavators when they have tree stumps on their land that they wish to remove. Oftentimes, removing the stumps with an excavator can be quicker than removing them with a stump grinder.  

Finally, some people hire this machinery when they have small structures on their properties, like garden sheds, summerhouses or pergolas, that they want to quickly demolish instead of having to disassemble them. An excavator could potentially demolish an average-sized garden shed with just a few quick blows.

All excavators are huge and are only suitable for use on large expanses of land

The other myth is that all excavators are enormous and so are only suitable for those who need to dig or carry large loads on big expanses of land. This is not true. Whilst excavators are certainly not small, they come in many sizes and most excavator hire businesses have compact excavators available. A compact excavator not only has a smaller bucket than its standard counterpart but also has a smaller body, which means that it can be used in, for example, average-sized domestic gardens for landscaping work or on narrow streets where trenches need to be dug.

It should be noted, however, that due to its smaller bucket, doing things like digging a trench with a compact excavator will take longer than if the digging were done with a standard excavator; as such, those who wish to rent a smaller version of this machinery may need to add an extra couple of days onto their rental period to ensure they have enough time to complete their work.

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