Two Tips to Follow When Hiring Scaffolding for Your Home Renovations

5 August 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Here are two tips to follow if you'll be using a scaffold hire service for your home renovations.

Request extra-wide scaffolding platforms if you have lots of outdoor space

Many people assume that all scaffolding platforms are the same width. In reality, most scaffold hire businesses can accommodate requests for unusually narrow or wide scaffolding platforms. If you have a limited amount of outdoor space in which to put up the scaffolding, then you may have no choice but to ask for very narrow platforms. However, if there is a lot of open space beside the wall to which you'll be attaching the scaffold, it's worth requesting one with extra-wide platforms.

This will allow you and anyone else using the scaffold platform at the same time to easily walk past each other instead of having to squeeze by. Requesting wider scaffold platforms will also enable you to keep more materials on your platform without tripping over them, as you'll have plenty of space to spread them out.

Further, having these wider platforms could be useful if you are nervous when working at heights, as you can stay a bit farther towards the inside of the scaffold (i.e. closer to the wall than the guard rail), which could make you or another user more comfortable.

Ask for the rental company to send someone to check the scaffolding if it sustains any damage

If the scaffolding you hire gets damaged, you should ask the rental company to send one of their employees to your home to recheck the scaffolding. If it's necessary, have them repair it. You should do this, even if the damage looks minor. Minor damage may include instances such as if the scaffolding poles are ever so slightly looser than they were previously.

Even if the damage seems insignificant to you, it could be much more serious and only a professional who is knowledgeable about scaffolding will be able to spot if things like loose poles are going to destabilise the scaffolding platforms to which they are attached. As such, it's essential to get any damage checked out by the rental company. They will ensure that you can continue to use the scaffolding safely and do not end up suffering injuries as a result of it collapsing whilst you're on or near it.

It's important to ensure safety when working with specialized equipment. To learn more, contact a scaffolding hire service.