Four Reasons to Install a Brick Paving Driveway

14 May 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are planning to build a patio or to landscape your garden, one feature that you should think about including are brick pavers. Brick pavers can be used as attractive stepping stones across your lawn to prevent your visitors from bringing dirt and mud into your home. However, stepping stones are not the only use for brick paving around your property. Using brick paving for a driveway is a great way to create an attractive, functional driveway that will last for years. Here are four reasons to consider employing brick paving for your driveway.

Classic appearance

If you choose a concrete or asphalt driveway, you know that you will get a standard, one-colour driveway. When you use brick paving, there are many more options you could consider. Bricks can be laid in patterns, and different colours can create a design that is unique to your home. One underappreciated feature of brick paving is that it has flexibility. After a while, there is the possibility that concrete could start to crack and lose its attractive appearance. Brick paving is laid in an interlocking fashion, but as the interlocking pieces have individual movement, they can adjust their position as the ground below them shifts. This feature helps brick paving to retain its appearance for longer.

Fast installation

If you have ever seen a concrete driveway installed, you will know that it isn't always an easy process. Concrete pouring can be weather-dependent, and then there is a long wait for the concrete driveway to dry before it is ready. Brick paving avoids these problems neatly. The bricks are quick to lay and can be installed under almost all weather conditions. Once the last brick is in place, the driveway is ready for use almost straight away.

Natural slip resistance

A driveway is a place where you want to be able to move around freely under all conditions. With a brick surface, you know that you are getting a driveway that is naturally skid-resistant. Whether you are driving or walking on the surface, you can have confidence that you can move safely, whatever the weather may be.

Easy to clean

Some driveways require expensive cleaning materials to keep them looking great. Brick paving requires no more than a scrubbing brush and some cleaning solution. Bricks are hard-wearing and should last well under most conditions. Should you discover some damage to one of the bricks, you don't need to be concerned about replacing the entire driveway. You only need to remove a single brick and replace it with a new piece, making repairs quick and easy.