Ways to Customise a Frameless Glass Shower

11 January 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're installing a custom glass shower in your home, you can alter it in several ways to fit your space. Consider the following ways to adapt your enclosure.


You can construct a frameless shower in different shapes rather than having to settle with a pre-fabricated enclosure that awkwardly looks out of place. You could make the most of a long narrow bathroom by fitting a rectangular shower at one end. In a small room, you may decide to place a hexagonal or curved shower in the corner. Additionally, you can alter the shower's size depending on your available floor space.

Door Style

When constructing a frameless glass shower, you can connect various door styles. In a large bathroom, you could fit an outward swinging door, knowing that it won't block the way of others using the bathroom. Swinging doors form a wide entryway to the shower, which can help people who use wheelchairs. A pivoting door can swing inwards or outwards. As such, you'll need enough shower space for it to rotate inwards to prevent it from squashing people who are getting out.

Glass Type and Styles

Another way to adapt a custom enclosure is to select between glass types for the shower screens. Standard clear glass has a green tinge along the edges. Otherwise, you could use low-iron glass which is ultra-transparent and without this green cast. Clear showers allow you to see all corners of the room, including inside the enclosure, which makes the bathroom overall appear more spacious.

Other possibilities include decorative styles. For instance, you could install frosted glass that exhibits a smooth grey sheen or various patterns. Design options include organic shapes of waves or clouds, botanical motifs of curling leaves and fronds, or geometrical patterns of circles, squares and fan shapes. With numerous frosting patterns available, you'll be able to match the screens with your decor. While enhancing your bathroom, frosted screens create privacy for those having a shower.

When installing a frameless custom glass shower, you can customise it in various ways to fit your bathroom. You'll have the opportunity to choose a size and shape to enhance your home, building a bigger enclosure for a spacious layout or shaping and positioning the enclosure to maximise a smaller bathroom. You can also choose the most appropriate door for the room and needs of those using the shower. By doing so, you can choose a style made of clear and ultra-transparent glass or frosted glass, which offers the additional benefit of privacy. Contact a shower screen company for more information.