Ways To Improve Your Property Using Natural Stone

25 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Hardscape features add interest to a garden, contrasting against soft, feathery plants and foliage — particularly when you construct them using natural stone with its beautiful natural patterns and tones. Rock is also a practical option for yards. Here are several ways to enhance your garden with natural stone.

Gravel Patios And Paths

Rock pieces for your yard come in various forms, including pebbles and crushed stones that make attractive gravel driveways, patios and paths. You can spread rounded river pebbles, softened by running water, or use crushed gravel, pulverised by machines that produce angular edges. Select from a wide range of colours, including blue, cream, tan, yellow or red stones. You can combine colours for a lively effect or generate a monotone path with few shades. 

Either type of small stone creates excellent surfaces. However, rounded pebbles are easier on bare feet, and angular stones settle and fit more tightly and neatly together on driveways as vehicles drive across. An extra benefit of gravel is the pleasant rustling sound you'll enjoy as the stones move and settle under walking feet or turning wheels. 

Stone Paver Terraces, Decks And Trails

Another way to incorporate stone into your outdoor areas is to spread pavers across the terrace, pool deck or trails. Create a classic effect with large square sandstone tiles in golden sandy hues. Other options include slate, granite or bluestone. 

Pavers come in diverse shapes and sizes which you can fit together to create different patterns. An ashlar pattern combines big and small square and rectangle tiles, creating a lively design, while herringbone schemes feature same-size pavers set diagonally, creating a sense of movement. For a rustic effect, lay tiles two-by-two, facing horizontally, then vertically, in a basketweave pattern. Because you'll have so many paver options in stone type, shape, size and pattern, you can create virtually any look to enhance your outdoors, whether it be palatial or cottage.

Rock Retaining Walls

Another reason for incorporating stone into the landscape is to craft a retaining wall. A gabion wall consists of a wire cage filled with rocks obtained with your landscape supplies. Alternatively, you could stack even rectangular blocks, creating a sense of order and balance. Otherwise, pile irregular flattish stone pieces — in blue, tan and cream — to produce a colourful artistic barrier. 

Retaining walls can level out sloping gardens, thus forming new spaces for entertaining and garden beds. However, in flat terrain, you can also use these barriers to create different levels, adding a sense of depth and dimension. For instance, you could build raised garden beds around the garden perimeter or within the central region. The landscape will be more exciting with varying levels rather than being flat all over.

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