Reasons To Install Skylight Windows In Your Home

28 April 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whether you're constructing a new home or renovating, a skylight window is an ideal way to open up your rooms to an outside view. Read on to discover several benefits.

Efficient Natural Light Source

Being aimed upwards towards the heavens, skylights provide an extremely efficient natural-light source. They can admit up to three times more light than a similar-sized vertical window. The reason for this is that a skylight typically receives direct illumination from the sky. In contrast, vertical windows usually catch reflected light from nearby objects like buildings, fences or the ground. 

More Even Illumination

Additionally, you can often place skylights more centrally on the ceiling to allow for even illumination within a room. Conversely, vertical windows on a wall are on one side of a room. They thus tend to create patches of light areas near the opening, while other regions of the room are darker. The overall lighting will appear more inconsistent.

Save On Energy Costs

With extra daylight flowing into your home via a skylight window, you can rely on artificial lighting less. You might either not turn it on at all or use lower wattage globes. Even on overcast days, a skylight will reduce the need for artificial bulbs. Over time, this will save you money on energy bills.

Helps To Improve Winter Mood

Ample daylight creates a brighter, more inviting ambience. Particularly in winter, bathing your home in natural light will improve everyone's sense of well-being and mood. Typically, during this season, people spend a lot of time indoors, so access to natural light becomes critical to raise spirits all round.

Versatility In Installation

You can install skylight windows in an existing home as well as a new one. A current vertical window is often not easy to enlargen or reposition. Some rooms only have one external wall that can hold a window, limiting your placement choices. Also, altering an existing vertical window may involve cutting into supporting walls, which is a significant construction job, whereas opening access through a roof cavity can be easier to achieve, depending on the particular building structure. 

Also, sometimes you're limited by the external view with vertical windows. Your neighbour's house may be very close or other buildings or structures might block the vista, so you then need to consider how that will appear from inside and whether you can add a vertical garden wall or use other means to improve the view.

For more information about skylight windows, talk with a professional.