Top Tips When Building Your Home

21 February 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Building your home gives you control over the design and construction work. As such, you can customise various features to suit your personal preferences. Below are a few home building tips from an experienced home builder. 

The Law Matters

Check resident association and owners corporation bylaws to determine if there are limitations to how you should design your house. For instance, you could find out that all balconies should face the road. These laws could also dictate the type of fence and landscape you should have. Zoning regulations may determine the height of the structure.

Hire a Builder Who Understands Your Needs

The builder should be someone that understands your needs. For example, if the project is funded through bank finance, he or she must meet the bank's deadlines to receive payments. If you intend to sell the house during the high season, the builder should employ more staff to ensure the project is completed in the shortest possible time.

As a rule of the thumb, the builder should have general liability and workers compensation insurance cover. He or she should also provide a six- to twelve-month guarantee on the completed works.

Leave Room For Additional Costs

Below are a few reasons why you should budget more than the surveyor's quote; 

  1. You may not have factored in costs associated with land preparation. They could include uprooting trees, installing a fence or drainage works
  2. The price of building materials and interior fixtures could fluctuate before the project is complete
  3. You may consider additional works such as the installation of a deck or patio that were not in the original quote

Monitor The Project

Monitoring the project allows you to identify construction and design faults at an early stage. For instance, you may realise the house is directly facing the sun. As such, you would need to change the orientation of the living area or plant trees to block the sun. Besides, it is a sure way to keep the builder on his or her toes. It is especially so when you need the project completed in a few weeks.

Hire an Independent Certifier

A certifier is a licenced professional who supervises construction works to ensure they abide by the building code and the building's blueprints. In case the builder is at fault, the certifier will give an enforcement notice stopping all construction works until the builder rectifies the identified defects. He or she will provide a certificate of occupation once the project is complete.

When building your home, check the law, hire an experienced builder, leave room for additional costs, monitor the project and hire a certifier. For more information, speak with a home builder