Top Tips When Hiring an Electrician

8 January 2020
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Do you need electrical repairs at home? Finding the right electrician can be a challenge. However, with the tips below, you should have an easy time finding an electrician.

Experience and Qualifications

There are minimum qualifications to become an electrician in Australia, and you should research these. Further, they must have a licence permitting them to carry out electrical repairs. Inquire about their experience. Preferably, they should have a few years of experience with carrying out similar repairs.

Services Provided

The electrician should provide a wide range of services. For example, they should be in a position to conduct wiring works. Further, the electrician should be skilled in the installation and repair of home appliances such as air conditioners, dishwashers, audio systems, heat pumps, security systems and in-floor heating systems. Having an electrician who can conduct these repairs and installations ensures that you do not have to call someone new when an appliance breaks down.


How can you gauge an electrician's professionalism? Below are a few tips:

  1. The electrician must be mindful of customers' welfare. General liability insurance will provide coverage against financial loss resulting from accidents or negligence.
  2. The electrician should be quick to respond to your inquiries. Some electricians will send newsletters to update clients on new services and how they can improve the efficiency of electrical appliances.
  3. Electricians affiliated with professional associations such as the National Electrical and Communications Association may provide quality services.
  4. The electrician must make safety a priority when conducting repairs. For instance, they should have personal protective equipment.
  5. The electrician should also let you know of electrical hazards in your home. For example, frayed wires could electrocute your kids. You could also install tamper-resistant receptacles to prevent children from interfering with sockets.  


What would happen if your circuit breaker blew up at night? Some electricians provide 24/7 services to loyal customers that live within their area of operation. Other may or may not be available on holidays and weekends. 


The electrician should have a flexible and friendly pricing strategy. Some electricians have fixed prices, while others charge per hour. You may incur extra charges if you need repairs during the weekend and holidays. 

Evaluate the electrician's terms and conditions. For instance, do they provide guarantees and warranties? What are the payment terms? You may incur penalties for late payments. 

When hiring an electrician, examine their qualifications, experience, professionalism, availability and safety.