How to Make Dark Walls Work for Your Room

10 December 2019
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For generations, most people have preferred light colours—like white, crea, or pastels—for the walls in their homes. This comes as no surprise given that you've probably always been told that light colours make a room feel bigger and airier. However, these days, more and more people are turning to dark colours for their walls, from navy blue and mauve to pitch black. If you're a fan of this trend but you're on the fence about it, here's how you can make it work for you.

Consider Painting Fewer Walls

For many people considering dark walls, the concern is that dark paint will make the room look smaller. While some say that dark paint blurs the corners of the room into one mass, making it look more expansive, the idea still goes against what most people are told about choosing paint colours. If you are worried about dark walls making your room look small, one effective way around this is to only paint two of the walls—the two longest walls, to be specific. Dark colours can give the illusion that they're receding from you. By painting the long walls dark, you'll make them look like they stretch further, emphasising the length of the room. If your home has short walls, you can utilise a similar effect by painting the trim of the feature walls the same dark colour to make them appear longer. Contrast the other two walls and the ceiling with a much lighter colour for the best effect.

Choose Furnishings and Décor Carefully

The furniture and décor pieces you choose can make or break a dark-walled room. If your room has wide and tall furniture pieces like bookcases or a dining table, it's a good idea to make these pieces that same colour as your wall. When they blend in visually, they'll help contribute to that elongated appearance of your room. Décor, on the other hand, should be bright and contrasting. Dark walls can really make décor pop, so take advantage of that with light-coloured small furnishings, bright paintings and pillows, and creamy rugs.

Call a Professional Painter

Another risk with dark walls is that they tend to show imperfections more than very light walls. When sunlight or artificial light hits a light-coloured wall, that light bounces off and gives the whole wall a bleached look, where chips and lap marks are almost invisible. When light hits a dark wall, it tends to highlight inconsistent painting streaks and cast shadows on dents. As a result, if you want your dark walls to work, you need to call in a professional painter who can do a perfect job of the paintwork. A professional will be able to touch up minor problems with your wall and get a thick, smooth finish that looks great in all types of lighting. Contact a professional painter in your area to learn more.