How well protected is your carpark deck?

30 October 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Multi-storey carparks play a vital role in the infrastructure of every Australian city. With their concrete and steel structures, they provide the parking spaces which allow people to leave their vehicles at the home, office, or shopping centre and go about their business without the inconvenience of hunting for somewhere to leave their car. If you aren't familiar with the way building materials react to their environment, then you might think that a concrete and steel structure was strong enough to withstand anything the climate and regular use might produce, but that isn't the case.

What problems to carparks face?

With any multi-storey carpark, the uppermost deck is always going to be exposed to the weather. While Australia often experiences warm weather, it is frequently humid and can be wet, and water can be a serious problem for concrete. Once moisture begins to penetrate the structure, it causes corrosion, which will significantly reduce the lifespan of the concrete. A further problem faced by a carpark which is not present in other structures is the wear and tear caused by large amounts of tire friction.

What is the solution?

Carpark sealing is the most effective solution for preventing damage to carpark decks. Adding a durable sealant will prevent the deck from becoming corroded. There are a variety of carpark sealing options that you could consider, but in most cases, the carpark sealing will be done with portable spray machines applying a seamless membrane to the deck. The membrane will ensure that all of the water remains on the surface and does not have the opportunity to seep into the concrete. While new carparks should certainly be sealed, it is important to reseal existing carpark decks regularly to ensure that corrosion from water damage does not begin to occur.

What makes a good carpark sealing agent?

  • A good sealing agent will create a seamless membrane that is durable, waterproof and crack-bridging, allowing it to be flexible enough to adapt to concrete movements.
  • To ensure that the deck does not easily become damaged, the resulting membrane must be not only abrasion-resistant to withstand the pressure from tires but also chemical-resistant so that it can withstand the inevitable liquid spills from engines and vehicles.
  • A final characteristic of a good sealant is that it cures rapidly, allowing the carpark surface to return to use quickly.

Talk to your supplier today to discover the easiest way of sealing your carpark and ensuring it has a long service life. To learn more about carpark sealing, contact a company in your area like Cuzkell Contracting Pty. Ltd.