Ways To Create A Sense Of Openness In Your Extended Kitchen

17 October 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A spacious, open kitchen provides a welcoming area in which to cook and socialise with friends and family. When undergoing home extensions, make sure to incorporate elements that give this central area an expansive feel. Here are some ideas.

Install Glass Internal Double Doors

One way to open up a kitchen is to widen the doorway to other internal rooms. While the actual floor area remains the same, the bigger entryway will create a sense of flow. You still then have the option of closing the doors to keep in warmth or block noise if you wish. In any case, though, the glass panels will prevent a closed-in feeling.

Create A Garden Or Courtyard View

If the kitchen faces a garden or courtyard, create an expansive visual view with a massive window. There's no need to stick with a regular-sized window above the sink. By creating a bigger vista, you'll borrow space from outside. Instead of a window, you might be able to install external double or triple glass doors to provide physical access to your kitchen.

Construct A Skylight

A skylight provides another way to free up the kitchen. Creating an overhead view towards the sky will imbue the kitchen with a sense of airiness and lightness. Combine a skylight and glass doors for double the effect. Frosted glazing can help to filter and diffuse incoming light to prevent glare. 

Use A Light Coloured Palette

Reflective surfaces bounce light around the room, which will make it seem larger. Pale coloured and polished cabinets and surfaces will create maximum reflection and prevent a wall of drab cabinetry. 

Reduce Visual Clutter

Another way to add to a sense of space and openness is to reduce visual clutter and noise. Avoid intricate tiling on the splashback and detailed flooring. Instead, opt for smooth surfaces such laminate, glass or natural stone splashbacks and large-format floor tiles or smooth, blonde timber planks. Cupboard doors with no handles will eliminate more detail still.

Thus, whether or not your kitchen is open plan, by removing opaque doors and enlargening windows and glass areas, you can create the illusion of a modern, free space. Reducing design clutter caused by detailed tiling and patterns also helps to develop a sense of spaciousness and openness. Light coloured and polished surfaces add to the effect. Your bright, expansive kitchen will create the perfect haven whether chatting or reading a book or newspaper while enjoying the garden view.