Benefits Of Rendering Your Home

30 September 2019
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Over time, the exterior of your home can succumb to weathering, fading and cracking. Bricks and other pebble surfaces can look outdated. To freshen up the exterior, why not cover the walls with cement rendering? Here are several advantages of this procedure.

Improves Aesthetics

Rendering your home can create a sleek, modern look by spreading a uniform texture and colour across the facade. Materials such as brick have multiple mortar lines breaking up the surface, whereas cement rendering is continuous and even. You can select from different effects as contractors apply sponges, brushes or stamps to texture the surface with smooth or rough finishes. A variety of colours let you harmonise the cement with roofing, guttering and trim. You also have a chance to cover pebbledash and other surfaces with a modern finish.

Combines Well In Multi-Finish Exteriors

Rather than a uniform finish, however, you can combine rendering with other textures and surfaces to create a stunning blend. For instance, render one part of the exterior and contrast it with exposed brickwork in different sections. Or, combine rendering with weatherboard or other timber elements. This treatment provides the design options for you to distinguish and harmonise various surfaces and tones.

Protects The Walls

Cement rendering uses a mix of sand and cement, sometimes with the addition of lime or clay. The extra layer of cladding protects the existing walls from the elements, sun, wind, rain and hail. Regardless of the condition of bricks and mortar or other materials, the treatment will add a protective layer that resists dampness and maintains the dwelling's integrity.

Unifies Old And New Architecture

Sometimes a house can feature the results of successive renovations and rebuilds, spanning across decades. Rendering the exterior can blend the different parts of the building, giving it a seamless look. At the same time, you can apply the same treatment to other elements, such as a front fence or retaining wall.

Can Improve Insulation

Cement rendering provides an additional layer of insulation for your home that helps it to retain inner coolness or warmth, depending on the season. Over time, you'll save on energy costs as your home will be more energy-efficient.

To smarten up your home's exterior, hire a cement rendering service. Contractors can apply a range of techniques to decorate the surface with various textures and colours. You can unify the exterior, bringing old and new parts together. Also, your home will be more energy efficient so you'll save on cooling and heating costs.