Precautions You Should Take After Glass Repairs

17 July 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

It may not seem like it, but glass is an essential part of our lives. It is in our bathrooms, windows, churches, kitchens and cars, among other things. It can also be used to package drinks, foods and pharmaceutical drugs. Wherever you look, you can easily spot glass. Now, despite its versatile use, glass breaks easily, and it is essential to take the necessary precautions after glass repairs. Some of these precautions include the following:


Getting glass repairs mean that your glass was damaged due to various causes. Washing your glass after it's repaired can affect the integrity of the glass. For instance, if you just replaced your windshield, washing your car regularly can cause it to start leaking. The leaking water not only ruins your dashboard; it also indicates that something went wrong during the wash. Avoiding regular washes helps fix your windshield and also prevents it from being damaged again.

Room temperature

The adhesive used to repair any glass requires time to dry. And sometimes, the drying process can take longer than it should. Having any glass dry at room temperature after repairs minimizes the chances of that glass breaking again. However, the rate at which it dries at room temperature also depends on your ability not to touch the glass continually. After all, the quicker it dries, the quicker you can use the item with the glass in it. Give that glass the time it deserves to dry or you risk causing an unforeseen accident.

Tape removal

Since some glass repairs require the use of retention tape to secure the glass moulding, make sure you do not remove the tape until you are entirely sure the adhesive is completely dry. Removing the tape before the adhesive is completely dry can cause the glass to fall, and you have to start the repair process again.

Rock damage

Another thing you should do after getting any glass repaired is fixing any damage that appears after all the repairs are complete. When you get cracks or chips in repaired glass, make sure you call for help immediately to fix those issues before they become worse.

You can also stop the visible cracks from spreading by using a glass cutter to create an arc-like design that stops the cracks from spreading beyond where they appear.

The above tips help ensure that you do not damage your glass further. Reach out to a glass repairs professional for more information.