Options for Steep Inclines and Your Waterfront Property

31 May 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Steep inclines and pathways to the waterfront can be an issue for a waterfront residential homeowner. When you bought the home, you may have had a simple carved out pathway that used the natural rocks and land formation to reach the waterfront. The issue with this option comes in with storms or with friends or family members that may not be able to navigate the path. If this is the case, consider the following options that a marine contractor can offer to help you navigate the path safely year round.

Reinforced Stairway

The most common option to navigate your steep inclines is to have a marine contractor install reinforced stairway. Stairways can be built to run down the inclines and give you safe stairs and platforms down to the waterfront. The reinforcement will help to give the stairways durability through storms and normal use. Railings and balustrades are generally part of the stairway construction. These are ideal options if you simply need a safe way to navigate the area after rains or if you have friends and family that can navigate stairs better than naturally carved out paths.

Ramps and Platforms

You may have a family member that has difficulty moving down stairs. This could be due to injury or age. With that in mind, you can have your marine contractor use a mixture of ramps and platforms. The ramps can be navigated easily with a wheelchair, crutches or with previous injuries. The use of ramps and platforms is also ideal if you have small children that are in strollers. The strollers can easily move down the ramps and allow for safer travel to the waterfront area. 

Platform and Elevator 

If the walkway is steep enough, and you want an option that is unique and gets you to the waterfront quickly, you can have the marine contractor install a platform at the top of the incline and an outdoor elevator or lift. This can be powered by solar power options to make it available during power outages if necessary. Though this is more expensive than other options, it can give you a sense of stability and it can add value to your property if you decide to sell at a later time. Keep in mind, you still want another pathway option in case the elevator breaks down so that you still have access to your waterfront or to your home. 

When you are ready to discuss construction on your waterfront property contact a marine contractor. They can schedule a consultation to discuss the options you have. They can also discuss pricing, materials and other questions you have about the process. During the consultation, the contractor can also look over other options for your waterfront property that can help make it safer or more enjoyable year round.