Why Have a Glass Splashback?

6 March 2019
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In a home, the kitchen is very important because it is where you need to prepare food. You can have an apartment that does not have a bedroom but you should always have a kitchen. Of course, you also need to decorate your kitchen and want it to look beautiful. The kitchen is very functional and many kitchens have a glass splashback, which is behind the kitchen counter. The reasons why people put glass splashbacks in the kitchen will be discussed here.

They Are Easy to Clean

A glass splashback is very flat and smooth, making it hassle-free to clean. Normally, you only have to wipe the spill or any stain from it and that is it. There is no need to spend extra money on a special cleaner in most cases. Therefore, this makes it practical for people who love to cook.

They Are Available in a Wide Variety

There is a standard size, but you do not have to go for that if it does not meet your needs. You will find some pre-cut splashbacks on sale, but it is better to have the splashback cut according to your liking. This means that a glass splashback is customisable so that it fits perfectly in your kitchen, and they can also be bought in different colours. Some of your choices are clear glass, coloured glass, black glass and a lot more.

Installation Is Convenient

Homeowners get bothered by the time it takes to install a splashback. The tiles and mosaic options can take long to install, but a glass splashback is a lot easier and quicker to install. It only gets challenging for the installers if they have to cut the glass based on the exact measurements you require. After achieving the size, installation only takes minutes. Technicians only need screws or glue to install it.  

They Are Cost-Effective

Glass splashbacks definitely cost more than tiles, but they stay longer. After installation, there is no need for re-tiling, which you would have to consider if you chose tiles. If you compare the cost of glass splashbacks with tiles, glass splashbacks cost less. You only have to spend money on it one time, and that is it. Tiles also require special tile cleaners, which adds to the cost, so take that into consideration. A glass splashback is definitely the way to go if you want a beautiful kitchen that does not take a lot to maintain and that lasts a long time too.