Should a Home Seller Consider Getting a Building Inspections Report?

11 January 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When some individuals think of building inspections, they tend to assume that they are only beneficial to the buyer. As such, you will find some home sellers will forego this procedure until a buyer requests it and pays for it on their own. Although building inspections are crucial before purchasing a home, they can also be quite beneficial to the sellers too. Once the property is inspected, you will receive a certification that will state the condition of your home. Below are some of the major advantages building inspections provide to home sellers.

Spotting hidden flaws

A building inspection ensures your structure is secure. After living in a home for a significant amount of time, it begins to develop wear and tears in areas that you may not be aware of. If these hidden flaws are to be found by the buyer, chances are they will back out of the sale. It is up to you to ensure that you are putting a structurally sound property on the market. With a building inspection, you get the chance to correct the flaws in your home at your own time, instead of rushing to do so to satisfy a potential buyer's needs.

You make repairs at your convenience

In addition to identifying problems, conducting your own building inspection also gives you the time to source materials for the repairs at affordable rates rather than having to rush to complete the repairs within an allocated time by the buyer. One of the areas the inspector will check would be the foundation of the home to ensure that it is still sturdy. If it is compromised, they may recommend having it re-stumped. Other structural repairs include the integrity of the plumbing, electrical wiring and more.

A financial advantage

A building inspection report gives you a financial advantage. Granted, investing in a building inspection can be expensive. However, opting not to do so can cost you more in the long run. When you have a building inspection conducted, you get an edge over the real estate competition that you may be facing. Having a report that proves your structure is not only pest-free but also structurally sound will enable you to attract more potential homebuyers.

In addition to this, if you have certification, it increases the chances of buyers not carrying out their own building inspection. Lastly, carrying out a building inspection gives you an upper hand during the negotiation process, increasing the chances of you getting your initial asking price for the home.