Three reasons to call the land surveyors

8 September 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Most people are aware that land surveyors are used to measure the extent of property or land, but what many people do not realise is the range of circumstances under which they could benefit from working with land surveyors. Here are some of the most common times when you should call in land surveyors to take a look at your property.

Creating a subdivision

If you are breaking up a piece of property for sale in smaller sections, then carrying out a proper survey is essential. A survey can determine that each parcel of land is complete and that access for utilities and related services has been properly considered. Your land surveyors should be able to guide you through the process of obtaining whatever permits are needed to progress your subdivison and split your land.

Arranging land development

Before you will be able to get permission to commence building work on your land you must be sure that your proposed construction complies with the established land boundaries. If you are building in the centre of your lot, then you may think that this is not an issue, but you still need to be able to demonstrate that the correct boundary positions are known. If you are erecting a wall or a fence then you will need to be able to identify the exact location of the property boundary to specify where the fence should be placed to keep it on your land rather than your neighbours' land.

Making a property purchase

Perhaps the most common reasons that you might need to talk to land surveyors involve property purchase. For most people investing in property is a big step and not something you can afford to get wrong. Conducting a land survey is important to ensure that your purchase isn't going to be a source of legal or financial headaches in the future. A land survey will determine the exact boundaries of the piece of land that you want to purchase. It will ensure that all the fences, driveways and other property features are actually located on your land. The survey will also check that neighbouring landowners are not encroaching on your property.

In some cases you might think that you already know that there are no problems with the land and want to proceed with the purchase straightaway, but that is rarely a wise decision. It is not unknown for existing paperwork to be incorrect or for recent building work not be shown on an existing survey. Conducting a new survey is the best way to protect yourself from potential boundary disputes with neighbouring properties. The more information you have in writing about your property, the stronger will be your legal position.