Main Queries to Have When Purchasing Skylight Windows

29 May 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are scouring for an innovative way to brighten up parts of your home without sacrificing your privacy by installing windows, you may want to look into skylight installation. These types of windows present a novel approach to making your home look more upscale than it was before because skylights have the propensity of making a home seem expansive. Nevertheless, skylight installation can be a complicated process and does need specialist setup. Furthermore, there are some things that you should ask the skylight window manufacturer so that you are sure you are getting the best fit for your home. Here are the main queries to pose when purchasing skylight windows.

Should you opt for glass or plastic skylights?

One of the central decisions you need to make before purchasing your skylights is the material that will be best suited for your households. Undeniably, glass is a more luxurious option as it has an exquisite appearance, especially when it is polished clean. Nonetheless, glass does have a couple of drawbacks to take note of. Glass skylights have to be tempered beforehand so that they are capable of withstanding exposure to the weather changes. Secondly, glass skylights are much heavier than their plastic counterparts are, so you may have to reinforce your roofing prior to installation. On the other hand plastic skylights are more affordable than glass. However, the plastic skylights can become discolored over time, and this can diminish their clarity.

Should you install operable or fixed skylights?

Operable skylights are named after their ability to be opened and closed as you see fit. This option makes an ideal solution for people that are looking to add some ventilation to the space that they are installing their skylights, such as in the bathroom or your kitchen. Alternatively, individuals that merely need extra illumination and are not concerned about ventilation will find that a fixed skylight will be adequate.

Should you shade your skylights?

While skylights primarily function to increase the light in your home, some people may find that the morning sun is too much to bear indoors. In this case, you may want to consider shading options for your newly installed skylights. A popular choice for homeowners is an ultraviolet tint that not only minimises the radiant light but also blocks UV rays from pervading your residence. On the other hand, you could have your roofer install a physical shade over the skylights.