How can window security films benefit your home?

26 March 2018
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You put locks on your doors and windows to deter burglars, which should stop them being opened without your knowledge, but how can you stop someone breaking in by smashing the window? Large glass windows often present a tempting point of entry for the opportunistic thief, so what can you do?

You could fit bars across all your windows, or even make the windows themselves smaller so that no-one could fit through them. That would certainly make the building more secure, but it won't improve the appearance of your property and could make it seem dark and rather depressing inside your home as much of the light would be blocked.

An attractive solution

If you want to keep your large glass windows and the light interior of your property, then instead of placing bars over your windows, why not employ a window security film? Window security films are available in a lot of colours and thicknesses. They are designed to fit over all the glass in your windows and prevent an intruder gaining access.

How window security films work

When a security film is placed over the window it will hold the glass together and ensure that it takes many repeated blows to break the film and enter your home. A quiet sneak attack is no longer possible and anyone attempting that method of entry at night will undoubtedly awaken the entire household. As well as being a great security feature, a window safety film is a great way of avoiding injury in the event of an accidental window breakage. The film prevents pieces of glass flying into people or getting stuck in the floor or furniture to cause injury later.

Which film to choose

Window security films come in many styles. You could select clear film to let in all the natural light or a reflective or tinted film to avoid the sun glare and offer a degree of privacy. You could even select a film that offers protection in the event of a bomb blast if you are really security conscious. Whichever film you would like to fit, you only need to have it applied over your existing windows; there is no expensive installation process and no disruption to your use of the property while the film is fitted.

If you would like to investigate the benefits that window security films can bring to your home then talk to your local professionals today.