Have More Fun on the Water With These Pontoon Accessories

12 July 2017
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A pontoon provides a great place to have a bit of fun, but to make the most of your time on the water, you may want to invest in a few accessories. There are all kinds of add-ons and accessories designed just for pontoon boats. Take a look at this list.

1. Pontoon Diving Board 

A pontoon diving board can make a pontoon boat or a pontoon dock more fun. The board gets permanently attached to the side of the pontoon, and depending on the design, the board typically sets slightly above the deck and has a small ladder leading up to it. In some cases, you can get diving boards with adjustable springs so you can adjust the tension for people of different sizes.

2. Inflatable Slides

You may also want to add a slide to your pontoon. With the inflatable option, you can easily store the slide when it's not in use; Then, you can deploy it when you want to have fun. Again, this type of slide can work on a pontoon dock or a boat, but make sure you wear life jackets if using it out in the middle of deep water.

3. Railing Grill

After all that playing, you're likely to work up an appetite, and to satisfy the craving, you need a grill on your pontoon. There are grills designed to attach to the railings of pontoon boats. That way, you don't lose any floor space, but you can still knock up a bit of meat on the barbie. Don't forget the cooler and consider investing in a storage box for essentials such as plates and cups.

4. Fire Pit Table

Want to have a campfire out on the water? A fire pit table allows you to do just that. Let your pontoon boat slowly roll over the waves as you enjoy a campfire under the moonlight. These raised tables put the fire at the perfect level for people sitting on the benches of the boat, and they keep the fire safely contained so you don't have to worry about anything happening to the rest of the boat.

5. Arm Rests With Cupholders

While you're relaxing, you need a place to set your drink, and armrest cupholders may be the perfect solution. Most pontoons feature long benches along either side, and if your benches don't have cup holders, you can easily add them in. There are armrests with built in cupholders designed specifically for these benches.