3 Things to Do to Make Your Windows Attractive

17 May 2017
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Have you ever imagined what your home would be like without windows? It would look really ugly, and that is something you can't take pride in. Since windows are an important component of your home's beauty, it is critical that you take good care of them. Every part of your windows needs to look good at all times. Are you tired of the same old look on your windows? Well, with the help of a general contractor, you should be able to transform them into something more attractive. You could try doing some of the following things.

Remodel your window shutters

One good way of changing your windows' appearance is by dealing with window shutters. Note that window shutters come in various designs, so what you want is to get a unique one. Try replacing old shutters with new ones first. The ones you get should be a color that blends with the window frame colour and wall of your home. For instance, if you have a dull wall, you could get a slightly dark window shutter that harmonises with it. For popular white window frames, get a shutter with an eye-popping colour that blends with white. Aqua blue isn't that bad.

Besides that, you could change the overall look of your shutter altogether. If you have been using flat, solid panels, you could decide to have your contractor install lovely louvered shutters for you.

Change the glass

If there is one thing that holds the overall appearance of your window, it's glass. Ask yourself what type of glass you use and whether it blends with your window shutters. You want to get something that gives you maximum light and security in a single package. Have you ever tried tinted glass? If you want an attractive, incognito look on your home, then this is what you should go for. However, there are options such as reflective glass that provide insulation during the day. Its reflective capabilities give it a shiny appearance that would also improve your home's overall look.

Get a new frame

Besides getting new glass, you could also consider changing your window frames. If you want something conspicuous, then try having metallic frames installed for you. This can be complemented with rustic shutters. You could also consider non-metallic options such as vinyl, composite or fibreglass frames. Though not as shiny, they have better thermal resistance and blend really well with glass.