Why Every Residence Needs Double Glazed Windows

17 April 2017
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In years past, homeowners merely viewed their windows as a source of natural light. Over time and design innovations, households now sport large windows to maximise illumination. Nevertheless, with larger windows also comes the drawback of increased thermal loss for your home, which is especially true if you are using annealed glass in your home. Here are some of the reasons why every residence should invest in double glazed windows.

Double glazed windows are thermal-efficient

With utility costs in the form of heating and cooling increasing by the day, double glazed windows would be a thermal dream for any residence. There are a couple of ways that these windows can be thermally efficient for your home. Firstly, the double glazing function to ensure that heat inside your home stays indoors. The prevention of thermal loss ensures that you are less dependable on artificial cooling when the winter months roll around.

Secondly, the double-glazing also functions to decrease thermal gain. This reduction in thermal gain means that your residence will not become hotter in the summer months as long as you keep your windows closed. As such, the hot, ambient temperature will not necessitate the need for consistent artificial cooling.

In a nutshell, the double glazed windows will work to ensure your home stays comfortable all year round while preventing your utility costs from spiking.

Double glazed windows are sound proof

Another reason why every household needs double glazed windows is they add a layer of sound insulation to your home. This soundproofing can be enhanced if you choose to use acoustic glass for your double-glazing. With the increased sound proofing, you can rest assured that background noise coming from a busy street or your neighbourhood at large will not interfere with your quiet time at home.

A second advantage of the soundproofing property of these double glazed windows is you can also be confident that noises from your residence are not bothering the neighbours. Whether children keep cantering past your house or you opt to entertain guests on a routine basis, the double glazed windows will ensure that noise pollution is not something that should worry you.

Double glazed windows protect your frames from moisture damage

A little-known benefit of double glazed windows is that they also help in retaining the structural integrity of your home. The use of two panes of glass on your windows makes it harder for condensation to form. Condensation becomes limited because the windows will not be significantly affected by the interior and exterior temperatures. With minimal condensation forming, you can be assured that your window frames will be less susceptible to rot and decay.

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