Why Porcelain Tiles Are Ideal for Your Construction Needs

27 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Choosing the right tiles for a construction or renovation project can be quite arduous and overwhelming for some people. Not only do they come in a wide assortment of types, but you also have to bear in mind the innate strength and overall durability of the tile for your specific application. Not to mention that some tiles require labour intensive maintenance to keep them attractive and this can be difficult for some homeowners to keep up with. If you would like a tile that is convenient yet functional, you may want to consider porcelain. So why would porcelain make an ideal choice for your construction needs.

Porcelain is lightweight yet durable

A major pro of porcelain tiles is their lightweight nature. This makes them suitable for people who would like to install their tiles in the shortest time possible as your contractors will find them easy to handle. When other materials are lightweight, that usually means the finished product is less durable. This is not the case with porcelain tiles. Despite being lightweight, they will not be susceptible to cracking due to high impact. This makes porcelain suitable for flooring and wall tiles.

Porcelain is quite versatile

Another reason why porcelain may be suited to your construction needs is that it is a highly versatile building supply. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, if you choose to use thin porcelain tiles, you have the flexibility of installing them over your current tiles. This makes a renovation project all the less difficult as you do not have to spend time removing the older tiles, prepping the surface and so on. Secondly, porcelain tiles can be used for an array of applications. Not only do they make attractive floor and wall tiles, you can also use them as splashbacks, benchtops and any other application that you could think of.

Porcelain affords you an extensive design range

Some people may assume that if they have seen one porcelain tile, they have seen them all. This misconception is further perpetuated by the fact that most households will have the conventional white porcelain installed. The reality is that if you would like a unique design, you will find there is an extensive range of designs that you could choose from. Moreover, you can even have your porcelain reproduced to mimic other materials such as timber, natural stone and anything else that you may find aesthetically appealing.