Top Design Guidelines for Construction of Commercial Buildings

27 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Constructing a commercial building is somewhat different from building a home. When you are building your own home, you call the shots based upon your personal preferences, but in commercial construction projects, it is the requirements of your business that reign supreme. In determining an appropriate design for your new commercial building, here are some key considerations you will need to make.

Amount of space needed

A highly productive staff will help you grow your business in record time, but this will only happen if you provide a comfortable work environment for your employees. When coming up with a design for your commercial building, you should factor in the number of people that will be working there as well as the estimated number of clients that will be walking into and out of the building every day. This will help you determine the amount of space you will need to accommodate your employees and customers, without causing overcrowding. 

Energy efficiency 

Aside from the amount of space required, you will also need to consider how you can provide adequate natural lighting and ventilation in your commercial space. Commercial buildings that are poorly lit tend to over-rely on artificial lighting, while those that do not have good natural ventilation tend to depend too much on HVAC systems. This leads to high energy bills, so it is a good idea to look for design strategies that will help you save on energy. 

If your building site is located in an area with a favourable climate, you can install larger windows to maximise on natural light, and/or incorporate inlet and outlet openings on the walls and roof of the every room to enhance free flow of air from the outside, for example. 


Because commercial premises are usually high traffic areas, ensuring safety is key to successful operations. A business that does not take the safety of their employees and clients can suffer a damaged reputation and also run into trouble with the law. Usually there are building codes and standards stipulating how commercial buildings should be designed. For example, your local building codes may require that every commercial building in the area should have a fire exit in their buildings. This is a requirement you will need to integrate into the design of your commercial building. Otherwise, your building may not pass the building inspection carried out before any building is deemed fit for commercial use.

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