A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Blinds for Your Home

21 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Exterior or patio blinds can be just what you need for blocking out bothersome sun; attached to a porch frame or pergola, they can also give you some protection from wind and cold and insulate your space against noisy neighbours or a nearby roadway. When you do shop for exterior or patio blinds, you may find that you have just as many choices as you do for interior blinds, and this can make that choice a bit overwhelming. To ensure you get the right patio blinds for your home, note a few simple tips for making that choice.


Metal is very durable and easy to clean; you can usually wash metal blinds with a damp cloth or even hose down the blinds when they get dirty. However, metal may hold heat or cold; it may not be the best choice if you want to attach the blinds to the porch frame or pergola for insulation during the hottest summer days and for when the weather gets cooler. Metal may also be a poor insulator against sound, and you might need to install metal blinds on a track along the window or against a porch frame to keep them from rattling during windy days.

Fabric blinds are a bit less durable than metal as the fabric can eventually begin to unravel, but the material may provide better insulation against weather and sound. Fabric blinds may not get noisy on windy days, and they can also seem a bit cosier and more inviting and relaxing than metal blinds.

If you prefer a good compromise between these two choices, opt for wood blinds. This material is easy to clean and insulates better than metal but is more durable than fabric.

Mounting window blinds

If you want exterior blinds for windows themselves and not to attach to a porch frame or pergola, you'll need to choose between interior and exterior mount; this refers to how the blinds will fit over the window itself. Interior mount blinds fit inside the window frame; these will give you the cleanest, simplest look.

Exterior mount allows you to choose any size blind, as you attach the brackets to the home's exterior at any point outside the windows. If you want blinds to add some strong colour to your patio area, exterior mount can be the better choice, as you can then opt for a larger and wider set of blinds. Exterior mount is also good for areas prone to strong storms, as wider blinds placed over the entire window frame may better protect window glass against rain, high winds, and hail.