Some Important Advantages of Using Timber Wall Frames

9 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Timber framing is the most popular choice for roofing installations, but it is also a good choice when it comes to putting up structural walls. If you are one of those people who love building with timber products, you will certainly find timber wall framing to be a good choice for your project. Here's why.

Work can go on in wet weather

You can do all you can to ensure that work goes on undisrupted over the construction period. But there are things you can never have control over, like Mother Nature. In masonry, unfavourable weather often forces construction workers to stop working. In periods of heavy and persistent rain, for example, the masons have to put down their work tools and equipment and cover the brickwork. This usually leads to loss of valuable construction time, especially for those working with a tight time schedule.

Wet weather is not a big problem when you are working with timber frames. The solid wood used for your wall frames is naturally resistant to rapid water damage. Therefore, you can continue with your construction work without worrying about compromising the structural integrity of your entire construction. The natural water-resistance of your timber framing does not, however, give you limitless freedom to let the timber soak up all the water it can.

Potential for prefabrication

In projects where quick construction times need to be achieved, timber frames can be assembled offsite and delivered to onsite in ready to set up condition. This means you can make your order much earlier before they are needed. The best part is that the fabricator will be performed according to your installation specifications or requirements so that everything fits in well when your walls are being erected. The offsite manufacturing process not only saves on construction time but also minimises material wastage associated with cutting wood onsite to try and achieve the required material size.

Benefits the environment

The modern construction industry appreciates the need to take care of the natural environment. The timber used to construct wall framing is sourced from managed forests and plantations so that ecological balance is maintained. For every tree felled, more trees are grown so that overall tree coverage is not allowed to drop below environmentally unfriendly levels.

When properly installed, timber wall framing systems can provide years and years of service. To ensure optimal service, you should hire a construction contractor that specialises in building with timber.