Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Ceiling Fibreglass Insulation Batts

13 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Insulation in your home is one great way of reducing your energy bills. However, this depends on the type of insulation materials you choose and how well the installation was done. If you have decided to use fibreglass insulation batts and have decided to do it on your own, you need to be keen on a few things so that you do it correctly. This is because getting it wrong will lead to poor insulation, which will defeat the purpose of you having installed the batts in the first place. Therefore, here are some mistakes you want to avoid during DIY installation of fibreglass insulation batts in your ceiling.


Misalignment of the fibreglass insulation batts is one of the major R-value killers. In order to get the perfect insulation results, the insulation batts have to be aligned completely and continuously with your ceiling's air barrier. One of the causes of misalignment is improper framing. Make sure the framing is not damaged. Misaligned batts affect the insulation by allowing a thermal bypass. A thermal bypass occurs when the conditioned air finds its way around or through the insulation material into an area that's unconditioned.

Loose Fitting

Loose-fitting fibreglass insulation batts are also another mistake you can make when installing the insulation on your own. Therefore, always be keen on the measurements of the ceiling and the studs when installing the batts. If you leave spaces around the insulation batts, you will be allowing an avenue for air to move through easily, and this will affect the insulation efficiency of these batts. Therefore, apart from being keen on the measurements, consider using blown-in insulation or cavity-filling foams to fill any spaces left around the batts.


This will occur if you flatten the fibreglass insulation batts. The air that's trapped between the batts and the fibres helps with insulation. For this reason, if you compress the batts or jam them too tightly together or into a cavity, you will be reducing the amount of air that will be trapped, which means the insulation batts may not be as effective.


When installing your fibreglass insulation batts, voids may occur around electrical outlets. Ensure that you don't leave any gaps or voids around such fixtures because they can affect with the insulation ability of the batts.

Avoiding these mistakes will ensure the success of your DIY project as well as efficiency of the ceiling insulation batts.